Artesania Latina Scottish Maid
1/50th Or Thereabouts Scale

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Dabbling with the decking...

Or Deck Furniture If You Will.

Right then gang, onward and outward!
So selecting the appropriate pieces of wood, the deck furniture came into being.
After much of the glue and sand dept. got a look in of course.
Companion ways, skylight, winch, windlass and hatches.

The channels for the shrouds and pin rails cut, shaped and glued in to place and the holes drilled for the masts.

Deck furniture glued into place, ships wheel assembled, cat heads made up and placed, wheel rigged up.
Then the cargo hatch rings added, pumps made up, placed and hawser holes placed where they should be.

Bowsprit and flying bowsprit parts tapered in a lathe then assembled.
The lot then placed in position and pin/glued secure.
Likewise for the main and foremast then mast trees made up and attached.
Main and foremast glued in position.
Rudder made up and fixed in place.
Belaying pins fitted to rails.

Chain plates cut from a bought in chain length and the deadeyes wired up for fitting.
The deadeyes were also bought in items as the stock kit ones were pretty poor quality.
All chain plates fitted in position.

Well that's that for this page so on to page 3 for the rigging hoo-ha.
And there's plenty of it trust me!

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