Artesania Latina Scottish Maid
1/50th Or Thereabouts Scale

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Tie off here, loop through there, and then there, then there...

Stop, Uncross Eyes And Carry On.

Well it's running rigging time.

Oh lordy.

Well there was much squinting at the less than comprehensive rigging plan, a few head scratching moments thrown in but got there in the end.
First up was going from aft to fore so the boom and gaffs got the thread treatment.

This bundle of fun and games migrated slowly (very slowly) down the length of the ship untill...

All running rigging line tied of to belaying pins proper.
Excess line looped and secured with scenic glue.

Final jobs for the ship itself.
Catting the anchors, figurehead, footropes for the yardarms and adding the stern decoration.
The stern decoration was some DIY photetched brass done by yours truly.

Last but by no means least, the base.
3/4" MDF board.
The top covered in 1/8" teak strip, glued and brass pinned.
The surround in 1/4" thick teak strip and the lot given several coats of wax.
Add a couple of small DIY photo etch brass plates.
And four self adhesive rubber feet completes the deal.
The ship itself mounted to the board by two lengths of 1/8" brass rod going from deep into the keel, through two bits of turned pine and into the base.

And that as they say is that.

Model dimensions without base are:
Length 26"
Height 17 & 1/4"
Width across the main yard 9 & 1/2".

With base it makes it Length 28 & 1/2"
Height 19 & 3/4"
Width 12 & 1/4"
Thanks for looking people.

Take good care of yourselves out there now.

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