Moebius Models Moonbus From
2001 A Space Odyssey
1/55th Scale

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Well this'll make two 2001 models on the go...

So Best Get Going Then!

Howdo gang and welcome to another WIP whip round the Hellhole!
The above mentioned kit with a few extras thrown in
is the order of the day here so...
The build brief is to build, light and usual paint hoo-ha but to make it a self contained model with power onboard.
The glazing will most likely not be used as this is
slated to be used for some green screen photo effects work by the client
so glazing or anything of the like that will give light kicks is a bit of a no-no.

And so to details, the kit parts to begin with.

The retooled and improved Aurora kit from the WAY way back when.
I have no idea of the differences between the old and new
as I never built the old one so onward!

The kit is fairly crisply moulded affair so no bad thing so far.
The parts...

Not too many decals so nay prob but may rework them meself.
Printing seems a bit off to my aged peepers.
The US part seems a bit different to the rest,
could be either right or wrong but that's for later.

The very necessary destruction sheet.
Turned out in the retro style which is sure to make
a few nostalgia freaks of the old Aurora kit days smile.

FYI i'm not one of them but it's kinda cool all the same.

So to the additional bits and bobs.
Paragrafix resin upgrades for the rear bulkhead and door
as well as the large thrust bells on the underside.
Brass wire included for the engine piping and
a former for bending it to the right shape.
The attitude thrusters also included
for some reason the mounting pads for the large
thrust bells seem to be missing but no big deal,
replacing those is no great shakes.

All crisp cast pieces and good comprehensive placement/fitting instructions.

Minimal mould lines, no appreciable air bubbles, lovely!

Next up and also from them sterling folks at Paragrafix,
The photo etch brass upgrade sheet.

Nice eh?
As usual this is a excellently produced piece of work
and after having used more than a couple of the Paragrafix
bits on models, I can say the quality is always of a very high standard.
Documentation likewise so all good there and then some.

Lastly, the Just An Illusion Moonbus lighting kit.
Dead simple bit of gear, a strip of electro luminescent stuff with a
red filter on the front end to light the inside.
Comes with all you need, EL strip, inverter, switch harness and
wiring plus destructions but for this gig,
just the EL strip and inverter will be needed.
And best of all, it works of a single 9v battery.

Said battery will be a broken down rechargeable 9v installed under
the flooring so it will be self contained.
A small charging socket and switch will be fitted
so that will sort that.

More to come so stay tuned you merry mob!
Go easy out there now.

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