Airfix DeHavilland Mosquito
1/24th Scale

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A small tale...

Of Whizzy Things And Spinny Things.

Welcome back gang!
Right then, let's be a getting stuck in on this shortish update.
Needed to make the engine mounts so out with the 1/32" plasticard scraps.
A two piece laminate with some plastic rod was hacked about with a hole for the front mount.

Some more was sliced up for a backing plate and additional bits to make up the space in the middle to hold it all together.

Repeat X2 and it's a done thing.

A goodly dollop of glue in the appropriate places and they ain't going anywhere.

As sorted as needs be at this time.
Once the engine side pieces come out of the mould, they will be trimmed and fitted to cover in and make the mount points for the exhaust stacks.
Once they are in, then some extra motor backing, wiring up and closing up so to speak.

So then on with making up the props.
Parts extracted from the sprue, a bath and cleanup ensued.
When I was happy with the, some matt black got airbrushed on.
After a wee bit of masking, the yellow blade tips were sorted.
The hub was just painted it's aluminium colour.

At this point once all the paint had done it's thing, the props were assembled.
Some dark grey drybrushing was also done on the blades to give a bit of a used look.
Very subtle and not that easy to see photo wise.

Once all the glue had cured, the props were given a going over with some acrylic semi-gloss varnish airbrush applied.
A bit more of the grey drybrush added here and there.

And just for the hell of it, shoved one in the chuck of the cordless drill and spun it up.
As you do sometimes.

Well not too shabby at this point, more fun and games to follow but to close out this update...
A sort of book review.

Now with reference info being the key here, a decent book or even books is a must.
There are a fair few out there about the Mossie but one published in 2009 caught my attention.
Main reason being that if you want to know the service history of the Mosquito and the associated waffle,
then there are things a plenty out there.
For me, a simple 'It's called this, it looks like this, it goes here, it's this colour and this is how it fits into the rest' kinda book is the order of the day.
Step forward Sam Publications Aviation Guide No2 MostquitoFB.VI by Dave Brown.

Now this book do have the shorthand history of the FB.VI, it's inception nd a brief service history.
96 pages in all but the waffle is not the main thrust so to speak.
What this book covers in pictorial format...
like this...

Is the 'nuts and bolts' of the FB.VI.
The innards more than anything else with oodles of colour photos and B&W line drawings and plans.
Laying out in fairly concise fashion,
'It's called this, it looks like this, it goes here, it's this colour and this is how it fits into the rest'
Dealing in sections covering:
Fuselage structure.
Wing structure.
Tail unit.
Engine installation.
Fuel system.
Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems.
Electrical system.
Camouflage and markings 1943 to 1945.

Now admittedly for this particular build there's a fair bit of info that i'll not be needing.
For the next one however,
Yes, there will be another with all the bloody bells and whistles.
This particular book just became my bible for working with this kit so to speak.
Your view may vary but I would find it hard to believe that anyone building this kit,
Or indeed any decent scale model of the Mossie FB.VI,
would not find this book damn useful.

If you find yaself in need of a copy, well ya got the title but if it will assist,
Here's the number...
ISBN 978-1-906959-08-1
And that's enough outta me for now, next update some time or another.
Go easy people!

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