Revell Movin' Out 'Big Rig' Style Chevy Van
1/16th Scale

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Well not the search for the holy grail...

But This Is Certainly One Of My Grail Kits!

Whatho gentle beings!
Another one from the 'had it long ago and made a right mess of the build' list.
This particular one I had long wanted to get again and have waited some years.
But thanks to good old weevilbay...

Attend good people and one shall regale you with the tale...
In the way back when of the late 1970's when I had darker hair and a few more teeth,
I did come across this kit and even back then did appreciate some good interior details on scale models.
Sadly my wishes and skills were not within a bloody country mile of each other back then.
Though I think i've closed the gap to a few hundred yards since then.

Suffice to say that the gluing was of a moderately sloppy sort,
The interior lighting was less than stellar with grain of wheat filament bulbs,
the paintwork was certainly of the 'I daubed it my way with a roller' variety
And the discovery of never-drying silver enamel paint, brush applied to large areas and looked crap,
was a revelation I could have bloody done without.

Still that was then and this is now so I fully intend to have at it with gusto.
If gusto is not around i'll just do it all meself as usual.

So to the box that arrived at my door and after unpacking, the rather flea bitten shrink wrap got removed and...

So then, the pics are fairly self explanatory so in to the contents if I may...
And I think I may!
The rather important destruction paper work and decal sheet.

The decal sheet appears to be in extremely good condition.

All good there then.
On to the clear parts.
All pretty crisp and rather good clarity wise.

All the parts were still sealed in their bags and some will remain so.
Roof, doors and exterior body panels sprue.
Only a couple of parts had come loose but no big deal as it's for building anyways.

The large sprue of chrome parts.
Love that huge front grille.

Some of the chrome parts will get replaced.
Mainly going to concentrate on the air cleaners and exhaust stacks.
I see some aluminium lathe loadup and photo-etch frippery going on in the near future there.

Sprues for the sub frame, running gear and engine.

Interior parts sprues.

With a few nice built in touches.

Both of those bits along with others are soooo going to get a working over.

Floor pan.
And oddly enough, some very nice tooling on the underside which would normally never be seen.

All the loose bits policed up and bagged.

For the age of this kit, the wood panel moulding/tooling is none too shabby I have to say.

So last couple of bits, the bag with the tyres, engine piping/wiring and seat belt material.

And the body shell proper.

As you can see from the last pic, about 10 1/2" long so not huge but not small.
About the right size i'd say and it will definitely do for yours truly.

Well that's it for this page so far.
More to come and I for one am thankful for the advances in paints, glues and
especially lighting that have taken place in the intervening years since I first built this kit.
Maybe I can make a decent job of it now...we shall see how that works out or not as we go.

Untill next time, you merry mob go easy out there!

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