Revell Movin' Out 'Big Rig' Style Chevy Van
1/16th Scale

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It has been 9 years since I got this kit...

About Bloody Time I Did Something With It!

Whatho and welcome all!

Right then, time has passed and the hair is more grey than anything
so let us be getting in to this bad motor scooter.

I intend all the real effort to be put in to the interior and bodywork
so the chassis and engine will be pretty much OOB with the odd bit of working over.
With that in mind, here we go.

Chassis parts pulled, assembled where required and given a good scrub down.

The frame had more than a few steps and holes where it shouldn't so those got patched and filled.

Front suspension, steering gear, rear axle and suspension got put together by the numbers.

And that lot got glued to the floor plate.

All fine and dandy thus far.

The whole deal got a decent coat of Tamiya Gunship Grey.

Then came the Flory Models black wash followed by a fair amount of drybrushing with Vallejo neutral grey.
A coat of matt varnish sealed the deal here.

Firewall assembled, painted and fitted.
The supplied piping also cut and fitted for the hoses and brake lines.

So that done, now to the engine.
Main lumps of the Chevy small block V8 and transmission assembled and cleaned up.

Dark orange and metallic grey for the block and transmission respectively.
Silver on the top bit.

Some dark dirt wash and silver drybrushing got the basis for the engine done.

Assorted detailing parts attached and painted as required.
Ignition wiring also sorted.
Carb and air filter in place.

Once the kit is finished, the engine will never be seen again so good enough as a paint exercise.

The steps on the side of the floor plate painted silver via Tamiya rattle can and pedals fitted.
Also some aluminium tape laid down for the carpet divider strips.

So to the carpet.

This si a 70's custom van so something close to shag pile will fit the bill.
The areas marked out and some Vallejo red leather got splashed on where needed.

I had some embossing powder laying about so with the help of PVA both raw and thinned,
several layers got applied to build up a decent thickness with a slightly ruffled effect.

And that's as close to it as i'm going to get in one go so done.

Engine, radiator, pipes, drive shaft and fuel tank painted and fitted.

And that'll do it for the start of the fun stuff.
More to come at some point.

You goodly gang take care and go easy out there now.

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