Revell Movin' Out 'Big Rig' Style Chevy Van
1/16th Scale

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Looking from the outside in...

So It Had Better Look Good!

Okedoke then gang, starting on a bit of interior work.

Now the detail is nice enough but could always use a bit of extra stuff.
A bit of paintwork on the engine cover to start.

Vallejo red leather as a base, then worked over with dry brushed light brown, followed by another drybrushing of desert yellow.
Finally, one dry brush coat of the desert yellow with a little white, second coat with a bit more white.

Lastly a coat of satin varnish for the genuine Naugahyde vynil look!

The built in tray/storage bin got the remainder of the desert yellow/white mix to finish off.

Drinks tray don e in Insignia white, Tamiya rattle can applied.
A quick in place look see.

Me likey.

One of the big deals apparently about American vehicles of that time was the 8 Track player.
Seems fair to me so might as well put one in.

3D printed from a quickly whipped up mesh, based it on an old GM design.

Made up a cassette end, dry fit test.

So if ya got an 8 track then more than one cassette is going to be needed.
3D printed cores, a little paint and some DIY printed waterslides did the deed.

From left to right, The Best Of The Doobie Brothers, Pink Floyd Animals and finally in red, Boston.

I would have thought that any worthwhile 70's road trip had to have some soda along so the same kinda deal.
3D printed cores from my own mesh, a lick of paint and decals relevant to the period.
That is to say two 12oz cans of Coke and one of TAB.

A little dry fit for a look see as one does.

Next deal up was the reel to reel tape deck to make a start on.

And by making a start, I mean making it go away.

Now I always had an idea about this so time to test that idea.
Polygon punching program (Rhino 7) to the rescue and this is what I wound up with.

12 parts in all.

Now the idea is to use a tiny motor/gearbox setup to spin the reels.
Did a prototype print of sorts and assembled to test it.

Unfortunately the gearing meant that the best I could get was 60 RPM off the drive shaft.
Upshot is that transmitting that to the reels gave me about 4 RPM.
Way too slow so a higher RPM one on the way at this time of keyboard pounding and we'll see what happens.

Still, it looks way better than the stock part so all good.

The unit is held in by four 1.5 X 3mm screws and they don't look too seriously out of place scale wise so okedoke.

That's all for now but there will be more.
You goodly gang go easy out there now.

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