Revell Movin' Out 'Big Rig' Style Chevy Van
1/16th Scale

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Gettin' real with the reels...

And Lighting Things Up A Bit.

Whatho folks!

Last time the test build of the reel to reel tape deck seemed to work out so on to the real deal.

A little bit of assembly along with the required paintwork,
a couple of SMD LEDs, a few decals and some eye squinting later gets this.

Fitted to the wall part for a look see.

A sliver of 5 thou" clear styrene with some red leather paint made a length of tape to run through the heads.

Time for the paint on the wall bit.
Red leather with the light brown and desert yellow dry brush dance for the Naugahyde,
flat earth and mahogany red with sepia tone wash did for the wood work.
Final coat of satin varnish and done.

Stock kit part wine bottles painted and installed.

A couple of decals added to the reels and tape deck installed.

Powered up.

And a YouTube vid of it doing it's thing.
One is quite happy with the result.

Another hurdle cleared so onward!

Dashing on with the dash, no decals or the like for the instrument cluster but nothing that couldn't be sorted.
And it was sorted with a little bit of paintwork and a few custom decals.

Cassette end painted and labeled in the 8 Track player.

Neat enough.
Seats up next with straight assembly and paint palaver.
Went with orange brown base, flory models rust wash with much stippling for the patterned vynil look,
mucho light brown and white dry brushing with a satin coat to finish.
Engine cover and seats in place.

Stock seatbelt material and parts in place, secured with matt varnish.

Dash fitted.

Steering wheel/column sorted and in place.

And that's a so far, so good point to wind up this page.

More to come at some time or another, you goodly folks go easy out there now.

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