Revell Movin' Out 'Big Rig' Style Chevy Van
1/16th Scale

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Mood lighting...

And A Few Other Bits!

Whatho people!

Onward with this beastie and some fiddling about with light up stuff.
Each side of the bed area walls have a saloon style mirror with a hurricane lamp.
The parts...

The 'mirror' parts have decals like so...

Decided on a slight change and polished up aluminium tape got brought in after the inevitable woodwork paint.

Made up some decals and applied after a gloss coat.

Hurricane lamps sorted and fitted with an SMD LED for each.

Just for mood lighting than room lighting so they will do.
Fitted to the wall parts so them be complete.

A bit on the bodywork now and the moulded on windshield wipers will have to go.

Some gentle grinding/filing/chisel/wet sanding violence later and 'twas a done thingy.

Now for the wipers.

Hunted down some pics of period wipers and did up a mesh.

Now they sit somewhat above the windshield seal like so...

I see no point to doing different so a printed off a pair with some spares later, test fit look see.

That'll do!

The exhaust stacks got a looking at.
Used the bottom pipe part of the stock ones with my 3D printed replacements and some 4mm aluminium tube.

Looks a bit better than the stock ones.
The replacements destined for the Alclad chrome treatment.

The cab roof has air horns mounted.
The stock part and dry fit look see.


Mesh made up and printed replacements.

Comparison look see at both.

Alclad treatment on he cards for those too.

Drilled out holes in the roof for the marker lights.

A fair amount of time and 19 SMD LEDs fitted.
The large white rectangle is an LED panel light for the interior.

Wired up the battery pack and...

Now this is a 70's van so a bead curtain will have to figure somewhere in it.
A couple of hours pushing surface and polygons about got an acceptable mesh.

On the printer, done and removed the support material.

A bit of paint. drybrush dabbling, a length of cord and matt varnish later got it done.

And that be the lot for now!

More next update so i'll see thee then.

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