Revell Movin' Out 'Big Rig' Style Chevy Van
1/16th Scale

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Don't know about getting my act together...

But Time To start Getting This Together!

And we're off again gang!

Assembled the tape deck and sink/counter setup.

Yep, that works.
One part of the dividing wall attached.

Speaker for the MP3 player tested and installed.

Bed and tape deck/counter thing placed.

Body shell fitted with the passenger side internal door in place and body attached to chassis.

A quick look with the sliding door in place.

Starting to shape up.

Side walls for the bed area fitted in, other dividing wall part likewise..

Look see with the sliding door closed and open because why not.

Now to the chrome parts.
Chrome all stripped thanks to a tub full of bleach, cleaned and ready.

So Alclad time and at some point in the past, my solitary bottle of chrome must have had some aluminium or the like mixed in with it.
Upshot is that after the gloss black coat, they came out looking a more steel colour.

I'll level with you here and say it's not upsetting my Zen thing and kinda diggin' the look so

Also did some black shade wash before the two coats of Alclad Klear Kote.
Well that's how it's spelt on the bottle.

Now for the licence plate.
My 1/12th Camaro has California plates so a little something different.

Did a bit of digging and found out that a company by the name of Gerring is one of the largest mobs
doing custom van conversions since the early 70's in Elkridge, Indiana.

Good enough for me so went hunting on the net and found a photo of a vintage plate.

More than good enough so a bit of photo fiddling about got some usable tiny DIY waterslide decals
and a bit of mesh messing about and 3D printing got the plates.

A few dabs of paint and a bit of fiddling about got it done.

Plates installed, front grille and rear bumper taken care of.

Lastly, a quick Youtube vid of a rough setup for the reel to reel and tie in MP3 player.

And that'll do it for this update.
More to come at some point or another!

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