'Morale Support' Resin Figure.
Pin-Up Wings No. 1.
1/6th Scale.

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Pinning it down...

Because She Be A Pin-Up!

Greetings and welcome along one and all!

Saw this lass on the Clubhouse BBS, so I thought to meself, why the hell not.

Sculpted by Roberto Von Behr and a bloody lovely job he did of it!

Well to begin with a bit of artwork...

And now...the parts!
Not the bulkiest bit but the bulk of the bits.

Paint pots, lid and brush.

To Arms!...or two arms...either way...

Step ladder braces, paint pot shelf and shoe heels.

Hanging tie ends for the shirt front knot.

Nicely done and detailed cap.

Crisp face sculpt. I'm stating to lean toward a red head here for something different...
possibly some subtle freckles...not sure yet.

Shapely leg.

Main bodywork. And then some.

Rather excellent detailing and form.

Splendid rear bumper.

Sleeve detailing.

Just a friction held dry fit partial looksee because why not.

Step ladder main bits.

Slab base with some nice surface texture.

The biggest lump.

Size show with the standard reference coke can.

Decal for the fuselage side.

Looked up the number, belongs to one that unfortunately augured in on
6th March 1944 in Maxwell, Iowa. Bit grim but that's where curiosity gets ya.
Oh well...

Methinks I am leaning toward the raw metal or polished metal finish.
As to any nose art, still thinking about it.

All in all, a splendid piece of work.
A few surface defects to sort and the odd tiny air bubble
but i've dealt with way, way worse over the years so no big deal.

For now, here's an example painted by a pro.
Randy Van Dyke who showed this at the 2019 Wonderfest I believe.

As to how this will all turn out with me, that remains to be seen...

More to come at some point or another.
Go easy out there now you lot!

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