'Morale Support' Resin Figure.
Pin-Up Wings No. 1.
1/6th Scale.

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Gettin' kinda shiny...

The Metal Kind That Is.

Welcome back gang!

Time to get a start done so the B-17 nose section up first.
As said before, going for a raw metal finish but some cleaning up to do 'fore that.

There were more than a few rivet heads missing so to replace those
a couple of packs of dress making pins got bought in.

Holes drilled, pins hammered in, a drop of thin ZAP CA and the sharp bits chopped off.

A tad tedious but necessary for the effect.

The rear edge facing was a bit rough in places.

No big deal but I do prefer things to be a bit tidier.
Some quick curing epoxy putty got slapped in and then the lump turned over and
pressed down on to some cling film/saran wrap/whatever clear thin plastic food wrapping called in your neck of the woods.

Film peeled off and flat edge sorted.

The back then closed up with a sheet of 2mm styrene.

Using Alclad so a coat of gloss black required.

Laid down a couple of coats of Alclad chrome with Alclad aluminium mixed in.

Flory models dark dirt wash daubed on all the rivet heads and cleaned up.

A coat of Alclad aqua gloss sealed that nicely.

Now one decal was supplied but a few more wouldn't go amiss I thought.
A quick search and my Google-Fu was on point.

Some bomb run victory markings made up and as a bit of luck here.
I want to do the figure as a green eyed red head and as it happened,
my search turned up just the artwork which would fit the bill here.

So bomb markings printed on clear decal sheet, the nose art on white.
Much trimming and dipping in water happened with only a small bit of fitting fiddling about.

Got got the deal done.

A couple of coats of aqua gloss laid on after the decals had and overnight settling down period.

Outward and onward!

Gave the USAAF Crush Cap a look at so got to it.
Scrubbed, primed and base paint in Tamiya TS-5 Olive Drab.

Some drybrushing with Tamiya XF-58 Olive Green for the first run over,
then the same with just a touch of Tamiya JN Light Grey did the deal.

Strap and visor in Vallejo Beige Brown. Cap badge and strap buttons in Vallejo Brass.

Flory Models Dark Dirt Wash applied where required and cleaned up.
Overall coat of Vallejo rattlecan Matt Varnish and a light touch over the
cap badge with Vallejo White Gold.

Looks the part so all good.

A dry fit perch on her head for a look see, as one does.
Well, that's another bit done anyway.

Paint cans sorted.

Humbrol Polished steel rattlecan applied, buffed and then drybrushed with Vallejo silver.
Red, black and blue paint drips via Vallejo Glossy Black, Flat Red and Andrea Blue.
Red and blue gone over with the Tamiya clear red and blue.

And that'll do it for this little bit.
More to come so untill then, you goodly gang go easy out there now.

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