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Aliens Narcissus
Studio Scale

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It can be said...

My First Foray Into Studio Scale Modeling...
Well...Sorta Anyway.

Howdo folks and folkettes!
Here be the start of another W.I.P.T.B.D.W.A.A.L.D.

Or work in progress to be dealt with at a later date.

This particular monstrosity got handed me by a long time client.
Who thought it would be a wizard wheeze to have a large model of the Narcissus shuttle/lifeboat from Aliens.
That is to say from Aliens the second movie as this one and the original differ somewhat.

Now after a short amount of grunt work on his part, he got a casting reputedly of the studio effects model of said ship and sent it my way.
The reason for the 'reputedly' bit we will get to in a while.
Hence the studio scale thing of it being the same scale as the studio model...
Or at least that's my understanding of the term.

Anyway, a large box with a large lump o' hollow cast resin and some small ones in it did arrive to darken my doorstep.
Well it's big, some 31" or so long to be a bit more exact.

So then, basic brief.
Build and make look pretty, with some lights and maybe an interior.
I say maybe as the 'maybe' part could change but here's what we got for starters...
The aforementioned lump, large...

And the smaller lumps...

And just for the heck of it, the large lump with the small one on it...

So not too shabby even if the page of window templates is the only thing instruction wise that you get.


Before the excitement was allowed to set in, a closer inspection was required.
And in happiness terms, that proved to be a wee bit of a mistake.
This is why I said 'casting reputedly of the studio effects model of said ship' because is this thingy is any indication,
then either the effects model must have been a bit of a slash and lash job.
Or was in a right state of seriously bad repair when the moulder/caster got thier grubby paws on it.
I'll let others make up thier mind about that.
Well first off, the castings were not exactly what one could call good quality.
In some cases not even close to 'ok' in quality.

Ladies and gents, attend if you will.
Some closeups of the exterior...

Then to the wee bits.

Jimminy H. Christmas on a segway!

Add into this mix, when viewed from the nose, an approximately 3/4" anti-clockwise twist to the whole deal and we have a winner...
Not to mention the other lumps, dips and wobbly areas where is probably shouldn't have them.

The words 'A bit rough in places'...just don't quite say it ya know?

Ok so that's the basics of this kit, certainly in the 'garage kit' category so seen better and seen worse...but not by much.
Now granted that this thing is going to take some work and current plans afoot may just have to be drop kicked out.
As in I may just use this as a rough template and do the number from the ground up.
That said, first things first!

Now some of the detail will have to be replaced with at least the original commercial kits it was first made with.
Now the greater amount of the parts were identified and noted with much help from my fellow bretheren on the Resin Illuminati message board.
So a gratuitous round of 'I thank ya!' to Gary, Richard, Rob and anyone else who chimes in 'fore this beastie get's sorted.

Also the client is helping out with some ref and a few extra parts got from elsewhere.
So more on that as we go.

But that's it for now gang.
As noted before, it's a job for later but thought I may well just post this for a teaser.

And maybe as a warning to anyone who see one of these on say, evilbay.
Castings are about so read this and be prepared for what you may be getting for ya hard earned cash.

Enough waffle for now, go easy gang!

As of March 2014 this project is canelled.
The client did hand it to me as a project just for myself but there will be more
work that I would consider reasonable to bring this bloody mess up to scratch.
I shall be leaving this page here for information purposes.

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