Nexus Models Pyro Electronic Star Wars X-Wing
Studio Scale

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It's large, it has bits that move, it's from Star Wars...

Need I Say More?

Greetings and all that kinda thing!
Long story short time...
Got handed this as payment and thanks for services rendered by a client.
Not one to argue me so...

Bottom line is a highly detailed Studio Scale X-Wing.
And when I say highly detailed,
I mean it's better and more detailed than the studio models were so all good in my book.

The kit itself is made and sold by Nexus Models based in Chile I do believe.
This kit had the 'full size' style cockpit option included rather than the studio model cockpit version.

One is not complaining about that I can assure you.

So to business...the packed box-o-bits!

Fuselage, detail parts and cockpit.

Sharp cast rear fuselage plate.

Top rear fuselage droid strip.

Cockpit seat and back panel block.

Front cockpit section.
The thing has a cavity for lighting which will get used.

Surface detailing is very good indeed and the master patterns were hand built,
no 3D printing here.

The floor of the cockpit cavity likewise detailed.

Wing things!

Very crisp castings.

All the wings have a cast in aluminium stiffener running through the wing from tip to near root.

Detail parts and plenty of 'em!

As I said before, there is a lot of detail on this bad motor scooter.
These parts sit on the rear of the engine housings where the smaller rear engine connects.

Wing root detail parts and engine cans.

A choice of three Astromech units for whichever ship you want to build.

The engine exhaust detail parts.

The pilot body.
Yeah, a small breakage in transit but not a big deal.

Nicely done head.

The rear most part for the fuselage.

Waterslide decals for pilots and cockpit.

Helmet markings for Red 1 to 6

Engine housings, wing root 'L' plates with aluminium cast in with the resin,
canopy, inner wing engine detail bits, wing guns, rear engine parts and wing pivot parts.

Sharp and surface air bubble free castings seems to be the norm with this kit.
I for one, am very happy about that.

Engine housing covers.

Inner wing root detailing parts.

The wing pivot armature parts.

The bag of nuts and bolts.

And the heart of this endeavor.
Wing movement servos with a pre-programmed control and lighting board,
all of which can be run by a Bluetooth connected device.

These are the only dead tree edition instructions, the main manual is in electronic format.

So then, there are some things that are not supplied with the kit.
The pipe for the gun barrels for example but that's no big deal.
LEDs also required but like the tube, no big deal.

Now this is supposed to be run from an external power supply
but i'll see what I can come up with there.

This kit, at least casting wise, is one of the best i've ever seen.
So far i've found two really tiny surface air bubbles but that's it.

I will know more about the fit of bits as it goes together but that for a much later time.

Untill that time, you merry mob go easy out there now and look after yaselves!

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