Stargazer Models Orion 3
From 2001: A Space Odyssey
1/144th Scale

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2001, Billed as the ultimate trip...

Have To Make Do With A Spin Round The Hellhole

Howdo folks and welcome to another work in progress waltz about the Hellhole.

This turnout is one of a batch of kits handed to me
by the fella I did the FP Battlestar Pegasus for.

And unlike that kit, this one is a peach.

So What In That Thar Box Then?

Well a fair few resin cast bits some paperwork and a sheet of decals.
This be the box label and parts.

All nice and crisply cast stuff with an enormously satisfying
lack of multiple air bubbles and/or warpage to the parts.
The engine bit.

The lump betwixt the engine and passenger compartment.

The passenger compartment itself both inside and out.

Just a tiny amount of very thin flash where the windows are so no big deal there.

Passenger seating area.

Only minimal cleanup required here i'm happy to say.

Section between the passenger compartment and the cockpit.

The nose part and it's hollow with a couple of
seats and front control panel as insert pieces.

Most cool.
That and the passenger compartment will be fitted out
with some scale figures and lighting.

One of the wing leading edge pieces and the main wing parts.

All sharp castings and nicely engraved.
A dry fit bit as well.

The instructions come with a double sided most important waffle sheet
and a double sided pictorial assembly and decal placement guide.

And an extremely nice and sharp waterslide decal sheet.

So first impressions are a quality produced resin kit.
Mould seams are nothing to get upset about
and should be easy to deal with.

Minimal flash and very thin so should be made
to go away in short order.
Only found one obvious air bubble after close inspection
of the parts so winnin' and grinnin' thus far.

As to the buildup, well that's to come so next update as soon as can be sorted gang.
Untill next we meet up in the place I call a bloody mess,
you merry mob take good care of yaselves and go easy out there now.

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