Fantastic Plastic Battlestar Pegasus
1/3700th Scale

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As one ends...another begins

Bigger...Resiny...Smooth...For The Most Part.

Well now the Cobra is history so to speak, onward with the next one.
Well two actually but not enough pics for a proper page for the other one yet, but anyways...

Greetings troops and troopettes, welcome back to the hellhole...feels like ya not been away I know.
So to business.
Got handed this one by a client of past model mayhem and asked to give it the 'treatment'.
More specifically a build it, paint it, light it scheme in the planning stages for this thing.
Also he mentioned that my site only had one Battlestar Galactica model of some description on my site and maybe another would be good.

Like i'm going to argue.

So to commence at least the opening page...

What In Dat Der Box Den?>

Well put simply, resin castings and lot's of 'em.
The kits master patterns given a good talking to by Alfred Wong.
Shown the rubber and resin rumba by the esteemed folks at BamBam Productions.
And kicked out the door to all points of the compass by Fantastic Plastic...bless 'em!

So to what you get for ya hard earned cash.
Well enough parts to give you a very nice 19 & 1/2" long Battlestar is what.
The biggest bits are hollowcast, something i'm very happy about.
In starting order, the main body.

Followed quickly by the top and bottom bits that make up the nose of this beastie.

That followed by and assortment of bits that make up the landing bays and engines.

A whole rake of small to damn tiny cast parts.

Two lengths of plastic rod and a fair length of mild steel wire.

Chuck in a rather spiffing little decal sheet from J-BOT.

And finally round it all off with four pages of pictorial 'this goes here and that goes there' destruction sheets

Well all in all, plenty of bits to keep the kit hound happy.
Crisply cast with only a very few imperfections such as pouring stubs.
Nothing that a bit of effort, a spit of filler and a brisk rubdown will not sort out in short order so all good there.
As noted just now, the detail is all there...

Even on the smaller parts...

Of course let's not forget the partial fit together to see what we have to play with.

Aaaaaaaaand me likey!
So the surface is solid in the manner of as near as dammit complete lack of visible air bubbles so that's a bonus.
Some of the finer panel lines are a bit soft in places but that's why someone did us all a favour and invented scribing tools so no dramas there.
Basic dry fit seems fairly good so hopefully none of the tube of putty per seam deal that some resin kits can involve.
Can't really comment as to cost/value for money seeing as how the client shelled out for this and I didn't, or availability.
You'll have to flag the Fantastic Plastic website to find that all out.
I'll just say it looks like a damn decent pile of parts and should...with no small measure of luck...Turn out looking as pretty as I can make it.

So then, reference is of a necessity and you can't do much better in one go than to get thee hence to the Modelermagic site and consult this top notch page.
Which you can get to by clicking here!
Even if your not going to build one, have a look about anyway.
You will like it there I assure you.

Now this particular project will most likely have to be sorted on the fly so to speak.
Most certainly with the lighting as it will have to be tried out on a 'see if this works' basis to get the best effect.

So much head scratching to be undertaken during this build.
Should be fun in a masochistic kinda way methinks.

So untill things get going proper, that's all for now so see ya next update.
Go easy gang!

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