Fantastic Plastic Battlestar Pegasus
1/3700th Scale

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The finish line is thataway...

So Thataway Is The Direction Me Be A Heading Off In!

So then, the dark dirt wash debacle expanded to the entire thing.

Once sorted and a coat of acrylic matt varnish,
Some light grey drybrushing over the whole deal.

Dull red surround colour's to the side pod openings.
Vallejo carmine red with just a touch of matt black.
Also the red areas on the nose.
Decals were on the sheet for these areas but they were too small
and the wrong shape so they got binned.

That complete, on with the decals.

Done and done!
Second to last job, engine piping.

Last job for the main build, remove all the toothpicks holding up the gun turrets
and put 'em where they bloody should be.

A splash of matt black to the stand pole and a wee bit of
photo-etched frippery of the brass variety to round this deal off!

Back of the plates roughed up mit der 80 grit
emery paper and some cyano splattered on.
Plates fitted and that's about it.

The power for this is all in that base which I haven't said much about.
Simple enough deal, an ABS project box with a couple of slabs of 1/2" MDF inside.
Screwed and glued with epoxy stay put gunk.

The stand pole goes in to these and has a steel pin to stop it rotating/slipping/coming out etc...
The single switch is a double pole job linking two 9 volt batteries and that's it.

And a quick final look see...

And just below this waffle is the linky pic thing for the finished gallery.

And that's that as far as I am aware for this turnout.

Final Musings
So what to add here I ask myself,
Well if I was to be honest and I usually am, here's the deal...
From an accuracy standpoint of this model vs the on screen article,
i'd say it's somewhere between 70% to 80%.
If you don't look too closely or nit pick so each to their own there.

Inherent problems
Well if you're going to build it as is, then what you'll get is a passable Pegasus,
again if you don't look too closely.
Granted the pattern may well have been produced before all the reference
we have now was available so fair enough on that score.

If however you are planning to do something like i've had to do then
prepare yourself for the modeling equivalent of a Mr & Mrs shitload of aggravation
AND their entire family staying with you for a while...

Casting issues
Well I strongly suspect that some of the parts were pulled from the mould before
being fully cured though that may just have been this copy so I can't say for sure.
All I know is bent parts are bent parts and that's what I had.

Symmetry issues
OK this is VERY poor in that respect.
Noticeably wonky in more than just a few places and that is not
a result of being pulled from the mould early.
In some ways the masters were good/passable, in other ways, a bit piss poor in places.

All in all, ya pays ya money and ya takes ya chances.

All I can say for whatever my opinion is worth,
if you have a chance to buy this kit, don't.

Save ya loot and get the Moebius kit instead.
It's going to be cheaper by a long way and likely much easier to deal with in build terms.

And that's quite enough outta me.
This beast is done and for now, me likewise untill the next round of hellhole happenings.
Which won't be long in coming.
You merry mob take good care of yaselves and as usual,
go easy out there now.

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