Fantastic Plastic Battlestar Pegasus
1/3700th Scale

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To quote Starbuck...

"Frack Me!"

Welcome back gang.
Wish you were here and I was somewhere else...
Somewhere sunny with beer and babes...
Sadly that ain't the case so let's be about it!

Right then, in between the last update and this,
for some strange reason at least half of the fiber optics
in the side landing pods failed.
No idea why and believe me i've given it some bloody serious thought.
No matter in the end, they got taken apart, cleaned out and rebuilt.

Slightly more success with a smidgen of improvement this time I am happy to report.
Still lost a strand or three but put more in this time around
to light a few different places and maybe
bring it more in to line with the CGI model.

But before we get to that, time to slap the engines on.
So the main body of the beast...and this kinda crap don't help...

Not exactly straight and to add insult to injury,
slightly wrong in section.

The render...

The part.

Just never bloody ends.

Ho hum and onward.
Holes duly ripped in to the body and wiring threaded through.

So some soldering, gluing and clamping took place.

Not all sitting exactly square, no surprises but there they were anyway
and light up they all do.

Then we get to the side pods and much shoving and
pushing of resin and wiring did take place.
Plenty of epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk and a few brass pins lobbed at them,
they be going nowhere and they lit up as I had hoped.

So that all in place and behaving itself,
the front end brought out of hiding, the top light up parts for the colonial symbol laced with
fiber optics and the nose end lights wired in to the whole shebang,
the front end glued and pinned in place and a
good look round at the finish of the main parts build.

So all well and good there so far.
So to the full on lighting test.
Now there are more than a few FO ends to be
trimmed but that will happen after the paint pandemonium.
That said, indoors to get some decent pics as the hellhole
lighting is a bit too harsh to see it well.

In to a room and these pics were shot in ordinary indoor lighting.

Good gods it's actually starting to look like a Battlestar at damn last!

And not forgetting the dodgy vid shot in my usual crap-o-cam
TM style.

If said video it is not playing,
which would not surprise me in the least,
then by all means do the right click and 'Save Target As...' thing on the link below to download said flick.
20.20 MB file size, 3 mins 36 seconds movie!

Ok then, next up is the small detail parts, gun turrets and so on but most importantly...
The paintwork shall commence!!

All for the next update so i'll see you merry mob then.
Go easy out there all!

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