Fantastic Plastic Battlestar Pegasus
1/3700th Scale

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Yea verily my friends...

It's Twofer Final Update Time!
Oh Hell Yes!!

Welcome back fellas and fellerettes.
It's the final stretch so let's get stretched in to it.

Time to get the shoot/bang/fire stuff sorted out.
Now the gun turrets were resin cast things and
about twice as big as they should be for this beastie.
Nothing new there so onward anyways.

Turret bodies all cleaned up and sorted.
Suddenly realise i'm two short.

Nothing new...again so a quick push in to plasticine and two new ones cast out.

Then to the gun barrels.
In need of 22 pairs.
I got this lot and that's all I got.

So much for that idea.

Out with some styrene rod for the gun barrels, some styrene strip cut from a sheet
and then chopped up in to small lengths
Add to this some more styrene rod drilled out and cut up in to small discs.

Glue styrene gun barrels to turret body, glue styrene strip to said gun barrels,
three strips per barrel and finally glue a disc on the end of each.
Slap a styrene lump to the front of the turret body and done.

And the very necessary dab of primer.
Then dark dirt wash, cleanup and drybrush in mid grey.

Repeat 21 times.

FYI they are about 1/2" long...all good eye squinting fun i'm tellin' ya.

Right then, that done so on to the bits and bobs with the main act.
Last of the small detail parts attached to the Pegasus proper.

A general clean up, a smidgen of masking to the already
trimmed ends of the fiber optic and get stuck in with the primer.
Used the acid based self etching type for this turn out.
Bucket loads of masking coming up so needed a base that was going to stick
to the resin like a barmaid to a sailor on pay day.

Looking better already so now to the multiple grey paneled scheme.
Much like the Sulaco build but bigger and more time consuming.

Masking tape laid out, gone over with red sharpie marker so
i'll still be able to see where it is after painting.
Sliced up and first layer applied.

Used Vallejo acrylics through the air powered paint spitter.
Sky grey, dark seas grey and neutral grey
all mixed on the fly as it were
First coat on and once dry, another layer of masking.

And repeat...

Had to switch to a green sharpie on the masking tape.
The red one ran out in typical fashion.
Spray, mask again

And then take it all off.
And that took a while I kid thee not!

A going over with the black wash, clean up and look see...

It's a start.

So away to the next and final page with thee
and we'll close this deal.

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