Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Well troops and troopettes, back again and hopefully without bad incident that destroyed the last attempt.

As per no particular plan whatsoever, we begin with a somewhat potted kit review and then onto the guts of the matter.
There are many reviews more detailed about the net so give it a Google and you will find much more in-depth info
than will be shown here about the kit should you really wanna know more.

So pull up a chair, grab a drink, smoke 'em if ya got 'em etc. and read on folks...

What's In The Recipe Today Then?

Well today people, i'm going to be cooking up the Enterprise 1701-A refit in a light LED sauce with 2 chips,
a couple of capacitors for capacity, loads of wiring decoration,
a reflective dash of self adhesive foil tape,
a pinch of decaling with a pearlescent aztek frosting and the piece de-la resistance being a full measure of resistors.
So...shall we?.

Well it's a big enough box. about 17 inches square and some 5 inches deep.

Packed in this not so small box you will find over 150 pieces of injection moulded goodies in white and clear along with the paperwork.
This model can be built as either the 1701 from Star Trek The Motion Picture
or the 1701-A from the end of 'The Voyage Home' Movie and onwards by using the appropriate parts and decals supplied.
Since mine is intended to be the 1701-A, I had a sort out as to what bits to use and just
bagged the excess and left them aside.

A fairly good instruction sheet with a template for the aztek pattern on the main saucer along with the rather crowded decal sheet.

A pair of somewhat large frisbees making up the saucer section.

Many sealed bags with the warp nacelles, dorsal fin/neck, engine pylons and secondary hull/engineering section parts.

Parts for the saucer edge, main deflector, interior detail and so on.

Clear parts....lots and lots of clear parts.

Some of the additional parts i'll be using in this nonsense are :
Small custom circuit board for the flashing and blinking light bits dotted about the hull along with more than just a few LED's,
about 150, most with their own resistors soldered on by yours truly...

...and my old and dear friend, self adhesive aluminium foil tape.

Just to complete the mayhem to be happening about this here locale, my workshop AKA the Hell Hole.

That's it for the first bit!
Page two is up so off ya jolly well go.

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