Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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It's A Deflector Thing You Know...

Well now, while awaiting all the nacelle & pylon gluing and filling to cure,
time to turn to the deflector dish.

One thing I wanted sorted 'fore installing was the 'ring of lights' around the deflector deal and the raised lines
on the dish so first things first and the inside of the dish was given a quick rubdown with
some 600 grit wet and dry to get shot of the push out mark in the middle of the dish.

Once sorted then a airbrushed coat of matt varnish...

...just to frost things up a bit.

A coat of matt white enamel on the inside for the proper colour.

Then a heavy dab of silver to block the light.

And i'd say that bit is taken care of.

Onto the white lines on the dish itself. Brushed on a coat of silver for light blocking on the lines first then a heavy coat of matt white.

That about does for that as well.

Home Glazing Raytheon Style.

Next on the agenda, the VIP lounge windows.

Now there was a choice of the kit part,scrapped due to flawed moulding, or I could have cut it from clear and white plasticard
or used one of the rather excellent etched brass upgrade parts that are out there on the market
but that would have been a bit too easy for a glutton for punishment like yours truly.

First off, I fitted the hole with a piece of 10 thou clear styrene.

Next up, four layers of masking tape laid into one strip and a pattern drawn for the window panes.

A deft bit of work with a scalpel and four shapes cut and ready.

Laid into position on the clear plastic.

A goodly plastering on of the putty and leave to cure.

Once cured, a good file and sand untill the top of the masking tape is revealed then simply removed carefully to not break the putty posts.

All tape removed and a wee bit of trimming here and there to be done..

A lick of paint to clearly see the results...

...and a quick light test to see the overall effect. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but that will do for me I reckon. Not too shabby at all in fact.

That's ya lot for this update, more later I promise ya so don't touch that dial !.
Go easy people.

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