Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Secondary Hull...Engineering Hull...The Big Lumpy Bit On The Bottom...Pick A Name

Well it's that time so let's have a looksee at the secondary hull, here we go then.

First job is to drill some holes here and there.
The big one at the front for the stand tube, the next one for a 5mm LED
to help with the neck lighting and the 4 small holes for the wires that run the lighting either side of the bottom of the neck.

One hole drilled in the larger sensor dish part for a LED to help light the forward part of the neck.

After which of course it was time to bring on the foil tape.

Then even more thrown in for good measure.

And then a load more of the said sticky shiny stuff.

Speakin' of sticky stuff, all the window edges were given a run round with a generous coat of enamel silver
and once dry the clear epoxy was applied.
Mixed and cut slightly with some cellulose thinners, just simply applied and left to cure.

So we have the windows in the bottom part...

A shot of one side from one end...

and the other side from the other end.

All that's needed now is a trim up and a gentle rubdown with some wet and dry and that will at least
be the last o' them pesky windows sorted..I hope.

Well the work goes on from this little update.
Next up will be the fantail/shuttle bay doors to bugger about with, the arboretum to tackle and
a smidgen of lighting and wiring whathaveyou then put some serious thought into gluing it all together.

Now won't that be a regular laugh riot...

That's all for now folks so you lot go easy, see thee next update time!!!

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