Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Now We're Finally Startin' To Get Somewhere...Not Sure Where Though

Right, now things have cured nicely on the secondary hull joints, time to start gettin' this bad motor scooter together

First job was to attend to the main lighting that would sit at the rear of said secondary hull so out with the
2mm clear styrene and a few holes drilled with a bit of heat induced bending to finish.
LED for rear fantail nav light installed and wired then LED bracket fixed in place.

5mm LED's installed and wired up.

Belly strobe LED installed and arboretum likewise, wiring duly fed through holes and told to behave themselves.

And the unfortunate spaghetti pile o' wiring, a necessary evil with this kind of lark but there you have it.

So in short order, bottom part glued into place,
re foiling done for pennant spotlights,
spotlight light boxes made and installed,
much soldering and the contractual light tests ensued.

Ignore the background pic, that for one of the next projects...maybe.

May I mention at this point it's a bit of a bugger with something this size to hold at arms length to get the shot, all good fun really.

Yep, just have to do the 'in the dark' set...well I don't 'have to'...but I will anyway.

So that's the lot for today's fun and games
Next up will be the hangar bay door part and then mate saucer and neck to secondary hull
then sort the deflector attachment and final lighting/wiring
then the clean up of any final defects.

That will pretty much do for the assembly stage, then overall final clean up/light bleed hiding
and the real giggle of painting will start.

Untill that time and more updates happen, good luck,
good health, good god this will be fun. Go easy folks!

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