Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Aztec Crunch Time...Almost There With This Lot

Stage 6
Right now, the rest of the aztec bar the final pearl white was done over the rest of the ship..
.a few problems like pulled paintwork and a bit too heavy with the airbrush came to light.

That said not too bad really and a bit of a
lighting test lark about before back to business.

The paint pulling thing was a bit of a bugger and as my usual luck goes,
right where I didn't need it to happen, in the middle of the faux spotlight footprints...
First with the lighting off.

Then with the lighting on, wadda life it is eh ?
Still no real problem as it can be sorted out.

While getting up the courage for the next round of fun and games,
time for an 'in house' lighting test so to speak.

Not too shabby methinks. Taken with my old but trusty Mavica FD87,
in my front room under a twin 40w light plus ambient light from the TV.

As is my plan, seeing the lighting clearly without having to stand there in the dark
as I really can't see the point in that.
Not a slur against those that do like such things you understand, just my personal tastes.

Stage 7
As said before, the base aztec was a bit too stark.

Right then, it's all a bit too much so time for some damping down with a rattle can of matt white.

Okedoke then, by no means a triumph I grant you and still the pearl white to apply
so onward me hearties...after a lighting check.

Well the lighting don't seem to have suffered from the matt white excess so...
where was i?...
oh yeah...

Stage 8

Right then, onto the final aztec stuff.
The warp nacelles, pylons, secondary hull and neck.
Masking taken off the windows in stages and a lighting test all in one.

That as they say is that for this round, underside of the saucer to take care of then it's onto the rest of the paintwork and decaling giggles.

You lot take care and i'll see thee on the next update...which will be along somewhat sooner than it's taken to get this one done...honest!

Captain Slog, Additional...
Stardate : Bloody Late In The Hellhole.

The final aztec for the saucer underside got sorted quicker than expected so it was time to
strip the masking from the portholes and lights and have
a bit of a play about and take some piccies.

Now that truly is all for this update as it's just gone 1am and I can hear me bed a callin'..
well a shot of JD is calling louder so one thing at a time.
Go easy you merry lot!

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