Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Well now, into the start of putting this bad motor scooter together.
The backlighting plan still is in effect so off we jolly well go...

Mini drill Mayhem Right About Now

First things first, the lower sensor dome thingy was placed on dry fit and a pencil line drawn.
A inner line likewise drawn and this was the line for the cut out.
A fine drill selected and the line was duly given a good seeing to with said drill.

A bit of working with a scalpel along the line of many holes and removal was sorted.

At this point the 4 large pins on the lower sensor dome for locating were removed,
the clear parts added and then using the original pencil line used to set the piece in
proper place then mucho cement applied.

One thing to take care of were the pins and holes inside the saucer which would interfere with any internal lighting, namely the three shown in the pic below.

Once I had fitted the dome and after a little bit of violence perpetrated against said pins with a razor saw and some brisk sanding later....

Last job to do for this round of kit vandalism was to cut away some the moulding on the inside of the saucer top
that would only block the light to the windows on the edge of the saucer.
Them little rotary saw blades are just the ticket here and job done in double quick time.

CURSES ! Foiled Again...And Again...And Again...

Here is where the self adhesive foil tape comes in. Quickest way to sort light leaks that I know of so started from the sensor dome outward.

Kept on working outward then when covered sufficiently, then a paper template was made up, the outline drawn onto the foil then cut and removed to give the spotlight shape.

Now just incase you are wondering, the long fork like shapes in the middle of the cleared areas are
for the shadow of the saucer section phaser banks.
After all, I am doing faux spotlighting so to speak so them shadows gotta be 'built in'.
A dab of Tamiya smoke paint was added to the edges of the light 'footprint' to blur the edging slightly,
may need some more work there but we'll see how it all works out.

And this page is a done deal!
Page three awaits so go take a look see why don't ya!

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