Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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The Last Details...

Well just a few little bit's o' paintwork left to sort out, the strongback and deflector to clean up,
all the rest of the different colours to paint, some masking to remove and a final cleanup so off we go gang!

Mucho masking between each stage of hand brush/airbrushing and as the final finish,
all the fine line and suchlike was perpetrated with a blue colouring pencil and ordinary pencil,
simple but effective.

One thing to note here and as discovered by yours truly,
if you try the method with the said paints to do the strongback and other bits as described on the previous page,
you only have the time you mix them to use them, after less then 24 hours for some
reason the paints become unusable as brushed or airbrushed in a thick and stringy
way so never mix and leave for use later and mix only what you need to use immediately.
'Nuff said...onward!

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Paint And Part Gluing Complete At Bloody Long Last !

Right then, below are lotsa pics just showing the finished paintwork and all parts now attached.
A bit of a lighting show to boot so we are most definitely in the home straight and I do
believe I can see the finish line in the distance.

The overall look.

Secondary hull, deflector, fan tail and warp nacelles.

The light up set, first with the lights in the hellhole on, taken about 3:00pm.

Final shots with the hellhole lights out.

Well now, here I find myself with the last jobs.
Those being the decaling then mounting on the base with all the wiring up.

This and most of the gory moments will be revealed in the final update...
never thought i'd get to say that...
which will be along later.

So you let take care for now and i'll be back with the next and final update, you lot go easy now.

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