Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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I Can Finally See The Light

In a similar fashion to the last model attempt, I used some scrap plastic and drilled some holes to accommodate
the LED's so they could be soldered together in groups.

To keep everything as under control as possible, I built a cradle for the lower saucer lighting starting with a circle of 2mm clear styrene.
This was then cut at specific divisions, certain areas being heated and then folded upwards to make
a frosted fronting for the main LED clusters.
The frosting was nothing more than a good rubdown with 600 grit wet and dry.

A quick test fit and seeing as all appeared to be as it should, galloping onward to the next load of hoo-ha.

Outward and onward soldering iron wise. The LED's for the front, left and right floodlights were assembled into clusters of 4.
The rear floods were just a set of 2. Once wired up and checked,
they were epoxy glued into place.

A second set of lights was made up to shine directly out of the clear parts in the lower sensor dome.
All wiring was insulated then just glued to the bottom of the cradle.
May look a bit crude but it does the job so 'nuff said.

All lighting tested again, time to install.

One last detail here, the window ports are filled with clear epoxy resin and left to cure.
This little skit will apply to almost all the windows on this model with the exception
of the VIP lounge and the arboretum.

That's the lot for this page.
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this be page 3 ya knowThis away to the redoutable page 4

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