Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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Controlling The Reaction.....

or putting in the reaction control thruster lights if you will.
A fairly straightforward deal, first grind the tops of eight 3mm LED's at a slight angle, tack with super glue to the clear part,
mix some enamel silver paint into some epoxy glue and spread liberally avoiding the bare leg ends.
With a bit of fiddling, you get 8 wee bits, one of which looks a bit like the pic on the left.
Then lay down some foil tape and install wee beastie,
seal with some more epoxy but with matt black mixed in this time.
Repeat and so on.

Finalizing The Floodlighting...Kinda Anyways.

Ok then, all RCS lights in place with some insulation to stop the metal tape touching what it shouldn't then over with the foil tape.
Then fitted the 3 LED's to the rear of the saucer which will light the top of the dorsal fin/neck.
Some more black epoxy, some insulation and tape covering then onto the next bit.

As a boost to the lights already installed, I set up a roughly square plate of 2mm clear styrene and fixed 6 more LED's to it.
This would bring the total of leds lighting the front, left and right floods to 6 each.

A dab of epoxy to keep everything from misbehaving and a small plate of thin plasticard to finish as insulation.
That made a total of 25 LED's for the center lighting alone...
I think I may need some more LED's at this rate.

Now onto the stopping any light from going where it shouldn't.
As just a first test idea I took 2 sheets of A4 paper and liberally applied foil tape making
a single sheet big enough to cover the center part to just beyond the edge of the floodlight footprint.
Just cut to rough shape, placed foil side down, centered and taped around the edge.

Testing time with the 12v power supply...In the hellhole with the lights on....

...then with the lights off...

39.jpg - 48758 Bytes

...then inside the house in a normally lit room.

41.jpg - 49090 Bytes

Well it's a start anyways but I think a slightly better way can be worked out.
That's for this weekend so more updates to come at that time folks and folkettes,
see thee on page 5 when I get around to posting the next round.

Yep page 4

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