Polarlights Enterprise 1701-A Refit
1/350th Scale

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The Lights Are On But No One's Home...Yet

Rightyho then, since the test lighting bit seemed to work ok so it's on the mounting the side window lights proper...
or what passes for proper with my build skills anyways.

A bit of lining up needed in the placement obviously and some strips of the good ole foil tape to secure.
LED's fitted and just tacked in place with a drop of cyano.

If you feel like copying this kinda deal or indeed improving it as there is always room for that, here's the big window template.

Well all boxes in place and wired up...

...so time for the testing and clear up the light leak stuff around the window areas.
Now all this seems a lot of fartin' about and i'll agree with ya there but what it will do is cut down by a fair
amount the load of paint i'll have to hit the outside with
to cure all the light leak stuff, which to be honest with you is no bad thing in my book.

A quick look at the lit deal in the hellhole, quite a brightly lit area...

...and just had to take on in the dark. Nice and bright and that's the point,
overall deal is so you will be able to see all the lighting clearly inside a room without it being
completely darkened with the old midnight and blinds drawn sorta deal.

Seems a waste of time if you gotta stand in the dark and all you'll see is lotsa lights
and nothing of the rest of the model.

Kinda takes away the effect of the overall deal I think...
or maybe it's just me but that's how me proceeding and that's about it really.

Well now we bound merrily onward to begin the rest of the upper saucer lighting.
No punches pulled so here's the basic light bar for the forward 'spotlight'.

Just a strip of 2mm plastic, heat formed and drilled then fitted with 26 5mm LED's.

And this will be the approximate position in the model.

And that, as they say is that for this round.

I do believe I may be a bit up to me neck in computerised calamities for the next couple of days
so soon as they be sorted i'll be right back with more Enterprise exertions and refit ramblings.

Untill then, take care of yaselves folks and be good...
or if you can't be good then don't get caught!

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