Polar lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
1/350th Scale

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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It's a foil thing.

Shiny, Sticky, Nice!

Rightyho then me fellow modeling maniacs, next bit!
Time for some foiling action hereabouts with the saucer edge windows.
Now the edges of said windows are only putty so after the last update,
decided it was time to do the foiling in prep for some filling in
with the redoubtable clear epoxy glue to
finally fix 'em where they should be 'fore I go
scraping down the outside surfaces...again.

So now the black paint has cured nicely,
some self adhesive foil tape was given a going over
and applied like so...

Not all of the interior is going to need covering with foil
as I will be boxing in almost all the lighting.
As said before, someone else is handling the
exterior paintwork so this one cannot, under any circumstances be a U.S.S. Lightleak.

The fella is going to have enough to deal with without
clearing up my mistakes.

Ok then so tape laid in and many a hole was punched through.

Okedoke then, the last bits will wait but for now...

Time For A Little Light Lighting

Right then gang, we begin with the bridge section.
The clear piece was glued on the back as per instructions standard,
the three pins were removed as per my standard.
Also the airlock detail was drilled out.

Oddly enough, removing a lump here and there actually makes this sorta thing a bit easier.
And with that in mind and some drill vandalism later we have this...

And then this glued over the top with a dab of the foil tape here and there.

So that sorted, the semi circular lights each side of the airlock hatch
were drilled out and a couple of notches filed in to
each side of the airlock hatch frame.
Then I pulled some 0.4mm clear styrene and cut two small pieces.

Then with a VERY small dab of clear epoxy, these were placed in the small notches,
leaving them sticking out just a wee bit both ends.

Ok then, after curing some filler was carefully dabbed in to secure the clear plastic
Once that had cured then a quick run round to smooth the hatch frame,
followed by a small circle of plasticard and one of the
brass hatches from the PNT photo-etch set.
A dab of clear epoxy to the half round cutouts as well.

So without any light coming through, you get this...

And then with a test LED up the back we get this.

Now that's the kinda thing I was after!
Took a while to finally get it though didn't it?

This same thing will be done to all the airlocks on the rest of the beastie
but that's for later.

And that's ya lot for now people so untill the next round of fun,
sun and suffering from the hellhole,
you lot go easy eh.

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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