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Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit
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Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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Just the same old same old really

If It's Not One Thing...It's Another...And Another

Welcome gang!
On the last page you may recall the faffing about with the BTOTFS.
Well after all that, it turns out that the DLM parts for
the magnatomic flux construction grilles...
erm these bits...

...no longer fitted as they should.
So in order:
Bang head on workbench a few times.
Clear up blood and fill dents.
Dress wound and decide a turban is just not my look but may give someone a laugh.
Take a couple of pain killers.
Have a cuppa and start out making new magnatomic flux construction grilles

So new templates made up and then how to do that ribbing.
Well we know what they are supposed to look like.

So with 0.5mm thick templates glued down to some 2mm clear styrene.
Then built up using 0.5mm plastic strip cut from a
sheet then stack glued on with scrap scalpel blades for spacers.
Well they are about 0.5mm thick and wouldn't stick to the plastic while
yours truly slings the glue about.

About 18 or 19 odd strips glued on and then set ready for trimming and shaping.

And so there was some filing, sanding, primering...same again...
re glue a strip or three...and so on...

And the finish of the BTOTFS I am happy to say.

And so finally for this turnout, some parts ready for rubber...
at bleedin' last!

And that's the lot for now.
In all the scratching about I do now believe some
pics may be lost but not to worry.
I've pulled one of my spare kits and will be doing
some stuff on that to demo this gear as with luck,
the build process is now going to be standardised.

...Or as much as can be assuming I end up doing one of these again and to be honest,
that's a possibility lord save us all.
Next up, showing what this lot will look like built up
on the engines and the deal with the butt end
and a little bit on top.
Of the nacelles that is.

Go easy all!

Page 31, MORE secodnary hull sodding about!
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