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Imperial Probe Droid from
The Empire Strikes Back.
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It's kinda tall, dark, and not very handsome...

But A Popular Fella None The Less.

For some point in the future and the finished build already spoken for would you believe.
First commercial kit form Dreams Scale Models, hand built masters by Sergio Gutierrez of Spain,
moulded and cast by Alfredo Bueno of Moldes Silicona.

Now there's no instructions which some may find a bit off but there's info to be found
and with some lateral thinking and a fair bit of squinting at reference pictures,
it will become clear one reckons.

So to the parts.
First up is the none to small body and head.
Hollow cast and foam filled, not enormously heavy but no lightweight either.

For reference, the main body is about 12" (30 and a bit cm's) across.

Excellently cast and I could see no surface air bubbles,
which is a bloody change from some resin kits i've dealt with in the past.

As you can see, surface is sharp and crisp on the castings.
The body is of the same quality.

Bags of leg bits.
Well i'll call 'em legs but could be manipulator arms or the like.
I don't know or am that worried about the correct name so there ya have it.

One more leg, detail parts and a lump that one could use as the start of a base I s'pose.

Parts out of bags so a look see at leg 1.

Leg 2.

Leg 3.

Leg 4.

Final leg #5.

Detail parts and lump.


The casting quality is excellent all round.
A distinct lack of voids or airbubbles which is always nice to see
so one can get on with the cleanup and build rather than endless filling
and sanding after each primer coat and so on ad nauseam.

Lastly is a bag of small diameter nut and bolt assemblies.
Nothing said about it but it gives me the distinct
impression that with some careful fiddling about,
one could have all the legs articulated/posable.

Works for me!

OK then, chances are this should be a fairly quick number and the
only thing i'll be adding is a light in the head.
As shown in this screen cap from the movie.

What ever small details will be needed, such as leg actuators which do not appear to be present, will get added.
As arrowed in the below photo of the real leg/arm/manipulator/whatthehellever.

Oh and likely some surface snow effects but that's about it.
And that's the lot for this first page thingy.

More to come but untill then, you goodly gang take care now and go easy out there.

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