Night Life Productions Larry Elmore
The Red Cloak 1/6th Scale

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It's an oldie...

But Hopefully A Goodie By The Time I'm Done.

Greetings friends and friendettes!
Ok then, one from the resin figure way back archives.

Picked up this lass on eBay for 55 so not a lot of dosh outlay.
No idea exactly how old but best guess and going by the date on the Cert of Authenticity,
somewhere around 1995.

Long story short, I really like Larry Elmore artwork, especially from the illustrations and covers from publications
from the Dungeons & Dragons game books and modules.
Used to play that quite a bit meself many moons ago.

Anyways, never got the chance to get this kit when it came out as I didn't know it existed.
Probably a blessing disguise as I wouldn't have made that good a job of it.

No guarantees I will now but what the hell.

So to business, this is the artwork that gave rise to the kit...

Nice eh?

OK, the kit was supposed to be first in the Larry Elmore series but I have no idea if there were any more done.
Night Life Productions disappeared a fair while ago but that's how it is.
So to the kit, the box...

Now this kit was incomplete and part started when I bought her but knew that much so no biggie.

The arms had been glued on and a dangly bit of the front of the tunic that hangs between her legs.

That sounds badly wrong when referring to a lady but onward...and swiftly...

After some hairdryer heating and a bit of grunt and lever work, the parts came free.
Speaking of the parts...Instructions, base and cloak.

Figure, arms, dangly bit, sword blade, satchel strap and name plate.

Now in order, the kit is missing the dagger, cloak chain, cord and earring material
which should be included going by the instructions.

Little bits and no prob to sort so onward.

Now with a kit this age, air bubbles in the casting are to be expected.
Nothing new from my recollections of resin cast stuff from back then.

Aves is going to get some serious look in there.
And here to complete the name plate.

On the dangly bit as well.

Par for the course and that's how it is.
The figure proper.

Now I had already decided to remove the crossed lacing that hold the front of the tunic closed
as it was moulded in on the casting but someone had got there before me so one job saved...go me!

That said, this lass still needs a lot of work but there ya go.
The cloak main bit.

Yes that is a hole in it,
probably caused by the mould sides being squeezed a bit too much but again,
Aves to the rescue and it will be for this turnout.

Last but by no means least, the slightly crumpled Certificate of Authenticity.

So with number 174 out of 250 in my possession, what's the deal?

Well purely a personal build so no rush whatsoever.
A lot of work to be done with the air bubble problem for one thing.

More than a small amount of old glue to remove, rebuilding the rough cast bits like the cloak hole
and no small amount of faffing about to do this lass justice.

Also add all the additional stuff she should have a a few bits more besides.
No surprise there I know but we'll see what occurs.

And that is for the next installment so see thee for that laugh riot later!
Go easy out there all of ya.

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