Saltire Technologies X304-Class Deep Space Carrier
1/2500th Scale

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Holes Everywhere

So I'd Better Stick Something In There I S'pose

Lotsa fibroid strands to be precise.
Well much threading, re-drilling, and fiddling about later...

After some drilling on the front end to fit the forward view port lights we ended up
with a small piece of drilled plasticard with 6 strands fed through it.
A dab of quick cure two part filler and pushed into place, sorted.

So now all forward fiber optic was threaded through a short bit of alloy tube,
said tube secured and the forward void filled with resin.
Them wee buggers ain't going nowhere.

A short length of 3mm brass tube will do for a stand pole.
Hole drilled in the underside of the model and two wires fed through.

Rightyho then, main engines drilled out and 3mm LED fitted to each.

I was going to do the smaller engines but decided not to in the end,
save that kinda thing for a bigger model and time is pressing.
So the hangar bays needed some drilling out for the fiber optic to eventually light the ships name.
That done and fiber optics fitted, time to put this bad motor scooter mostly together.

All LEDs wired up and finally, the inevitable lighting test.

Well that's almost the build dealt with, just some cleaning up, a few small parts to add and then the paintwork fun and games.

That's for later troops and troopettes so untill next update, go easy all!

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