Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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Ya know two of the best things about this line of work?

I Sometimes Get To Play With Some Really Cool Stuff...
And I Don't Have To Dust Them Once Finished.

Well wouldn't you know it, we're back!
And welcome along to yet another WIP wander about the hellhole folks and folkettes.
Now this will sorta be part of a triple WIP thing.
I'll be working on this, The mahoosive SSD and the Battlestar Pegasus as I go along so expect updates in all three categories folks.
Yep, gonna be a busy time ahead hereabouts.

Right, let's be getting to the nub of this here matter.
Client build with a simple brief...
Yeah I know, I always say that and it always turns out to be anything but.
But with that in mind, I shall quote a wise fellow:
"If you pick a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere".

Zen crap over with.

Brief being to build, light, self contained power, and paint with a fair amount of weathering thrown at it.
My kinda build.
Laid a 12" steel rule for the pics so you can get an idea of size.

So in the large box dropped of to me by a rather splendid fellow who'll be shelling out to have this maniac build it, we got the following:
Three bags of resin cast goodies.

And a slightly closer look at the bits in bag 1...

Yeah a fair amount of flash, this is true.
But by no means unmanageable so no dramas.
All detail pretty damn crisp so winnin' and grinnin' at this point.
Bag 2 now...

Some sort of odd semi-clear resin stuff for the engines and cockpit.
Never seen that kind of stuff meself but still all good.
The decals are covered in some eternally sticky crap but again, no dramas.
Some kind souls went to the trouble and invented scanners, photo shop and inkjet decal paper.

Bag three then...

Yep, me likey!
Then came the three rather large engine cans.

And the certainly big and heavy intakes.

The equally heavy and rather impressive main engine section.

With the thoughtfully cast lumps inside for fixing the lumpy weight of the side fins to.

Nice touch and appreciated from my point of view.
So the the detail parts that sit in between the engine and intake parts.

All nice and crisp.
Rear detail plate and cockpit bucket rear part.

The long launching rail belly plate.

Top fin and nicely done too I might add.

The two side fins.
Weighty and cleanly done casting wise.

And lastly, the fuselage and belly plate proper.

Now the only thing missing so I am told is the canopy but that's en route to the client and then to me so no big deal there.
No instructions either but shouldn't be a huge headscratcher to sort out so again, no big deal.

Well let's be honest, size wise it's pretty damn cool.
From a casting perspective, equally cool so no complaints.
How will it build up?
Ah, terribly good question and one I hope to answer in as best a fashion as I can as we go.

See you lot next time when we will be getting into this...and other things.
Go easy people!

good god! page 1!

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