Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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Nails, brackets, wire, decals, varnish, paint...

And A Half Baked Video To Finish.

Ah there you here quick didn't you?

Right then, After many a hole drilled,
Nails driven in and a dab or several of cyano to fix,
lotsa small brackets in position.

Oh by the way, those small cylindrical black things on the rear wall?
They are part of the lighting setup.
They are some very small filter parts.
Just plastic things with some very fine mesh built in.
They look like this normally.

And on with the wiring lark.
Constant on LEDs all fitted with resistors.
Jammed in to rear wall and secured with a fair lump of epoxy putty.
Wiring fed through to the inside.

Then came the long winded feeding them through the brackets.
Tedious as hell but the result is none too shabby methinks.

So all fed into the top box and soldered up.
The LEDs for the top strip all secured with some black epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk.

So time for the lighting test out.
Lights off then on in that order

And a little bit of a closer look see.


Then came time for a dive in to the spare decals box.
Some righteous stenciling decals found and shown some water and microsol.
And it was all good.

So done and done there.
After which and while waiting for the decals to settle down properly,
Time for a quick mock up so to speak of the main attraction.
And a few pics of course.

And the pic with the hellhole lights off.

The launch tube was given a healthy dose of Vallejo acrylic matt varnish,
rattle can delivery as it happens and it's bloody good stuff.

Then on to a coat of polished steel for the rails, duly buffed up
and the first coat of black for the outer rear wall and base surround.

So that's that for the launch tube pretty much.
The only things left are another coat or two of the black and screwing down to top box cover.

So during the meanwhile before we get to the next bits,
that's the Viper launch cradle and the Viper proper,
One of my standard WIP Crap-O-Cam vids showing the beastie and the lighting.

There's either the download thing which you
can do by doing the right mouse button click
and selecting the 'Save Target As...' option.

Be warned, it's 16.2 MB in size and 640 X 480 resolution.
So it might take a while with some folks to D/L it.

Or there's the good old Youtube to see below!

And that's your lot for now my fine friends!

More to come as this seriously bad ass motor scooter with
all the bells and whistles on it get's a bit closer to the finish line.
Untill then, you merry mob take care of yaselves and go easy out there now.

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