Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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Just A few spots of waffle here and there...

But More Than Just A Few Pics All Over The Shop!

Welcome back folks and folkettes.
Okedoke then, next bit on the build it up block as it were.
This being the sled like thing the Viper will sit on in the tube.

So to begin, mucho 2mm acrylic sheet got a bit of an
unruly shove through the band saw.
The resulting pile o' bits got a fair bit of glue thrown at 'em
and some additional styrene sheet bits.

After a fair bit of filling and sanding, we do get this lump.

Some 1/4" perspex got sliced up to make the mounting rails for the top.

And then...
the greeblies didst get thrown at it with wild abandon.
The usual suspects of Falcon, Lotus and U-Boat bits and bobs.

All sorted there so in with the primer.
And why the hell not I say!

All looking neato so onward to the painting dept.
Weapon of choice in my trusty paint bazooka taken up
and loaded with Tamiya acrylic metallic grey.
And a goodly amount got laid on.

So now the dressing up begins and the bag o' spare
decal sheets got an in depth shuffle through.
Ones that fitted the bill selected, trimmed and had
a good bath with a Microsol wash down to settle 'em in place.

Now we gettin' somewhere.

Once all the decals had done their thing overnight
time for the dirt wash, varnish, shading, more varnish and silver drybrush deal.
Which all ended up looking a bit like this...

And a few more coats of varnish later,
then a rake of slightly larger resolution pics to finish...
Taken out in the sunshine for a change.

So that's this part as done and done for now.
Next up, we got the last corner to get round.
Said last corner being the final build on the Viper proper.

After that, it's the home stretch with paintwork and weathering.
But that's all for now you merry mob so take care untill then.

You people go easy out there now.

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