Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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And as promised...

It's Paintwork Pandemonium And Weathering Whathaveyou
Part 1

Welcome back all and it's a twofer page update run to the finish line.
Been a while getting here and not without mishaps here and there but who cares!

Right then me hearties, let's get to it.
So last time, the Viper in primer and ready to go so
canopy removed and masked, cockpit on Viper likewise.

So to the paint, well the base colour i'm going for
is a slightly off white/very light grey
with varying shades of grey panels here and there.
Simple enough deal here, Mask a couple of panels, spray with white, mask again, spray etc.
You get the idea.

So we go from the dark grey to this...

About what I had in mind so off with all the masking.

And it's a place to start.
From there followed much masking, airbrushing and faffing about to get this...

A good half a day expended on that lot.
Now to make a mess of it in prep
for the weathering.

Sometimes this gig feels like ya fighting a loosing battle i'm tellin' you!

Anyway, the marking stripes were given a good going
over with a 3200 grit pad and plenty of water.

As soon as sorted, a wagon load of blackwash was applied and
left to fully sort itself out.
This it did without fuss and then came the
clean up rag and there was much buffing up about the gaff.

The canopy got a lick of said blackwash and clean up.

So far so good.

So to the weathering fun and games then and
that starts on the next and final page in a short and sweet fashion.
Off ya toddle and one will see you lot there about's.

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