Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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The powdery gear...

It's Paintwork Pandemonium And Weathering Whathaveyou
Part 2 Even!

Ah there ya be, okedoke then.
Just before we get to the weathering bit, all the reddish striping
was outlined with pencil just to punch it up a smidgen.

So in weathering order for this turnout, we start with the blank canvas as it were...

Now i'm not going to go berserk with the dirt here,
don't think it's necessary meself with a Viper.
Dirty yes, filthy to the point where it seems the grime is the only thing
holding it together would be just a bit too far.

So to begin, a bit of shading on the crevices with graphite powder.

From there we go with the very dark grey pastel powder
around the catch points.
The bits that stick out from the surface if you will.

Then a few dirt blotches here and there.

And finally the long streaks of dirt.

This lark was done over the whole Viper as I went through each stage.
Each stage got a coat of acrylic matt varnish laid on
to secure the pastel powder.

So in finality, canopy unmasked and glazing given a final polish,
said canopy slapped in place and time for a look see methinks!

And that as they say is that for the build and paint on the whole damn deal.And how does it look all together you may ask?

A bit like this...

Or rather damn cool to be honest.

Well you can get a better look see at all the bits
and bobs in the finished model gallery.
Which can be got to by clicking
the picture link below this here waffle.

Well in build terms, there is room for improvement in the Salzo kit.
But builders choice really if you have one of these.

That said, it's one hell of an impressive beast
once finished and is certainly an attention getter trust me!.
At 31" long, it's nooooooooooo tiddler and really, in that size
you can pretty much do anything ya damn well please and it will
still look good.

Kudos to you Mr S!, she be a winner in my book.

And that's quite enough waffle outta me methinks!
So untill the next spin around the Hellhole where it's a bigger ship,
a smaller scale
and way more trouble than this Galactica genre kit was,
You good people take care of yaselves and as always,
go easy out there now.

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