Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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And were off again.

Pilot Paintwork And Panel Pandemonium...
A Plenty!

Welcome back all!
Hope I find you all well and with it gang.

Right then, Lots to sort and this update will be followed by another in a few days but for now...

This being the pilot body.
So cleaned up after a fashion and primed ready to get sorted.

So pretty much all sorted with Vallejo acrylics applied in old school brush fashion.
Starting with a coat of ochre brown for the main uniform.
This was then dry brushed in about three coats with the same with small amounts of ivory mixed in.

About the right colour so onward to the jacket.
Started with a burnt umber and black mix as a base.
This was then dry brushed over with a mix of burnt umber and red leather.
Shoulder pads gone over with the same burnt umber and black mix with just a smidgen of burnt umber neat dry brushed.
The lot then given a going over with airbrushed matt varnish after some pastel shading.

So to the detail bits.
The jacket buckles done in brass with black mixed.
Then gone over lightly in rich gold with some white gold highlights.
Rich gold for the neck line checkerboard strips.
Black base and rich gold for the collar insignia.

Belt done in very dark blue and holster in dark grey with a bit of aluminium drybrushing.
Blaster in matt black with grey highlighting.
Grip in medium brown.
Belt bits in brass and black mix, highlighted in brass.
Boots just matt black with some grey drybrushing.
More was not really needed as these will be pretty much hidden once the pilot is in place.

The hands will be painted the same time as the face to keep the flesh tones even.
The stick will be the last to be detailed and painted once the flesh tones are done.

So then, the last of the cockpit panel detail and lighting.

The left side panel had the same switch work attached as the right hand one.

Then there was some fiber optic fiddling about with a few LED's thrown on for good measure.
Granted that close up some things do not look so brilliant but at normal viewing distance, it looks the part.

The forward console got a light box and a couple of LED's chucked in.
Now one thing raised by a splendid fellow over on Resin Illuminati, the main screen.
He is correct in the fact that most think it's me.
But Ryan is quite correct when he points out it's more blue in colour.
Fair enough thinks I so here it is as is so to speak.

And the same with a couple of 3mm blue LED's shoved up the back of it...if you'll pardon the phrase.

So now for the all round look see.
Some masking tape top hold it all together, a terminal block to hold the wiring together.
And the application of a 9v battery get's us this...

And I am to be thinking we are in the ballpark of getting there with this bit of the build.

Well more to come next update.
A helmet re-model is on the cards and the fiber optic frippery to do the ring of lights top and bottom of said helmet.
Which will be fun in a very masochistic way I reckon.

Join me for that lot and more maniacal messing about hellhole style then people!.
You goodly lot go easy out there now.

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