Salzo Battlestar Galactica
TOS Viper Fighter.
1/12th Scale 31" long

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Enough faffing about already...

Let's Put A Few Bits Toget...
Hang On A Sec!

Welcome back gang!
Well about time to put some bits together but 'fore we get to that,
A little problem to sort out.
Said problem being of an air bubble variety.

This is the part...

And after noticing some suspicious dark spots on the surface,
I gave some areas a none too gentle scrape down and this was the problem...

A few rounds of the laying on of epoxy putty and sanding down then.
A lick over of primer and we got...

Still not exactly perfect but it will be up to snuff in time my friends.

So then, time for the switch in the nose to get rammed into position.
And the ramming was a done thing.

So next job, attach fuselage to intake part.
So in order, a test fit.

The four larger holes are for wire runs.
Four smaller holes of 1.5mm diameter drilled out.
Then a small panel pin placed in the said holes and given a gentle thumping with a hammer.
The upshot of which is four neat little marks in the intake part.

So these marks were then drilled out with the same 1.5mm drill bit.
The holes in the fuselage were all fitted with some 1.6mm diameter, long steel, flat head retaining/support pins.
Or to use their correct technical name, 1 & 1/4" nails.

A fair dollop of the stay put ya bugger epoxy gunk and some deft hammer tapping by the deft jerk holding it.

And the deed was done in goodly fashion with no curses uttered, no splitting of fingers or more importantly,
no splitting of the the resin castings.

So a few wee details to take care of 'fore the next bit.
First the cockpit bucket had the seat placement marked out and some paint scraping to get the resin for the gluing thing.
The a lick of paint for the seat.
Vallejo mahogany red with some red leather and black thrown in.
The rear and details just done in enamel silver then the lot given the dark dirt wash.
The wait until dry and spit dampened tissue rubdown later followed by the coat of acrylic thing was done unto it.
Then a hole ripped in to the bottom for the wiring coming from the pilot helmet light up stuff.

So then as a last bit, the seat and bucket got an extra hole to take the single securing screw.
This will go through the bottom of the bucket, through the seat and in to the pilots bottom...
Sometimes the suffering just has to be shared around in this lark ya know.
And may also account for the blokes pained expression...

The joystick got it's final paint job and little buttons attached.

At this point, there was much epoxy gunk mixed up and laid on.
Successive clamping steps, the twiddling of a short screw and the job was a sorted thingy.

Out and in with the soldering iron to wire this bit all up.
Also had to slice the poor blokes feet off otherwise the belly plate for the fuselage wouldn't fit.
Such is life.

A quick dry fit test for the canopy.

And of course the batteries attached, the switched pushed and the contractual lighting look see.

And the in the dark shots.

And there we have that bit of fun, sun and suffering.
The final pic and the coke can/ruler in for scale.
This lump alone measures 22 & 1/2 " long.

That's it for this bit.
Mucho hellhole happenings again soonest people so stay tuned!

Until next time, you lot go easy out there.

Captain Slog: Additional...

Just a wee bit more.
Didn't like how low our hapless helmeted hero in the hot seat was sitting.
A bit of MDF and some faffing about later we go from this...

To this...

Yep, That's about what I was looking for.
And that's quite enough of that silliness for one night.
Later all!

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