Doyusha Samurai Armour
Of Tokugawa Ieyasu
1/4 Scale

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Pull up a Tatami, grab a warm Sake and smoke a Kiseru if ya got 'em!

Because It's Time To Take And Make A Stand!

Welcome back one and all!

Ok then, started in this for 2022 as I needed something without lights, flashing bits,
or mechanical doo-dads to get back in to the groove.

So parts pulled for the armour storage box and stand frame.
The box is a fairly straight forward affair, just a base, lid and four feet.
So feet attached and a dry fit lid on for a look see.

The stand consisted of 5 straightforward parts that fitted together very well
to the point some percussive assistance was needed is some places but got there.

Some sinkage in a few places but not something that can't be dealt with.

The base is also a simple affair but it has a rebate around the edge which, I assume,
is for a clear cover that you could purchase and that makes sense.

That conundrum is for another day however.

I have it in mind I may dig out a strip of parawood I got laying about some place
and make it a planked floor instead of leaving it blank.
But again, that's for a wee bit later.

So a quick dry fit setup look see.

Now taking in the account the rather impressive crest on the helmet,
i'd say this whole deal will be in the area of 16 to 17" tall.
Which will be rather nice.

Now to the decorative touches to the armour box.
Nice plated sprue it is as well with some splendid surface detailing.

But here's the first hurdle for my own personal tastes.
It's nice but the shine and uniform plating kind of hides the surface detail to my peepers.

Now lovely tooling like that deserves to be a bit more noticeable for my tastes.
A going over with some thinned Tamiya clear orange then a drybrush with
a 50/50 mix of Vallejo white and rich gold for a final punching up.

That is more like it!
A before and after shot if you will.

Aye, that'll about do it.

A coating of flat black on the box and stand with the box just buffed up to give it a satin sheen.
A smidge of german and light grey just to give it some definition and a very sight used look.
Left the stand as matt because why not.

And fit the decorative parts to the armour box.

Ok then, what the hell and let's get the base display bit done.
Timber sliced and glued together.

I noticed where this must have originally been made up of lumps joined
to make a bulk to make the strips from it has a saw tooth join in it.
Looks nicely different so sticking with that.

A measured template and the floor boarding cut.
Decided to put a bit of a twist in the line run so it's less of a staged appearance.
I just prefer things to look a smidge more natural.

A couple of coats of wax and then fitted but i'll paint to the outer edge of the base when the rest of the model is done.

And the inevitable dry fit look see as one does quite a bit.

And i do believe that I like what I see!

Well that's it for this update.

On to the armour proper next turnout and that'll be fun as there's no english translation for
what will most likely be critical areas knowing my luck so i'll be trying my best to work things out.

Go easy out there you merry mob and look after yaselves!

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