Doyusha Samurai Armour
Of Tokugawa Ieyasu
1/4 Scale

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Starting from the top down so to speak...

Time For A Little Helmet Happening!

Welcome back one and all!

Time to get the helmet or Kabuto sorted.
Same thinned Tamiya clear orange/white gold drybrush treatment as the armour box decoration parts got.
Just makes the detailing stand out a bit more.

Dome and parts for the top of the helmet.

Semi gloss black with some medium grey drybrushing where required and parts assembled.

One bit down, a few to go so onward!

Now to the parts that represent the cord bindings that hold the armour plates together.
On the sprue and untouched look.

Some paint, dark wash and a bit of drybrushing later, it's a start.

All of the ones needed removed from the double sided tape so let's get to it.

The back part of the helmet painted and a smidge of drybrushing,
then the cross pieces in place, then the upright cord bindings painted and fitted.

The side pieces or Fukigaeshi to give them their proper name...
I think it is anyway.
One done with the cord parts and decorative artwork.
The second one awaiting the trim to fit dept.

Both decorative bits attached with acrylic contact adhesive then the Fukigaeshi fitted.

Last bits.
A couple of decorative parts for the Fukigaeshi and that impressive crest in place.

Looking the part.
Only the ring at the back of the helmet,
that was used to secure a helmet flag and the chin strap cord to add but that's for later.

Just a dry fit to the stand where it will remain untill I get around to doing more.

Yeah, fairly happy with how it's going so far.

And that's the lot for now gang!
More as and when I get around to it.
You merry mob go easy out there now.

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