3D Printed Samus Aran Zero Suit
From The Metroid Video Game Series
1/4ish Scale

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She's a badass bounty hunter.

With A Badass Figure!

Welcome back gang!

Another round of Hellhole happenings so here we do go.

Mesh purchased from CGTrader and an exceptional mesh it is too.
A few pics lifted from said page...

Now in my usual fashion, took the largest part, namely the torso
and upscaled as far as the build volume of the Form 3 would let me.

Which turned out to be 1.4 times the original size but sorted.

Print done and support material removed.

Had to manually do a fair bit of the support material in Preform to keep it away from
the textured areas to save on awkward clean up.
The stand had to be split in to four but no big deal.
Main body parts out

The fist and gun hand look lighter because I hit them with primer and
only then thought it might be a good idea to take a picture.
Moving on...

The detail on the digital sculpt is very good indeed
down to the texture of the weaved look areas and stress/material creases being very sharply done.

Stand bits just dry fit shoved together, the detail is very nice.

A quick test fit up, just friction and gravity doing the hold together here.

All told, should come out at around 17" tall when done.
So not exactly 1/4 and not 1/5th either so sticking with the 1/4ish thing as she's closer to that.


Got around to the face paint first of all.
It's the only fleshwork to do so going with my standard thing of Tamiya rattlecan flesh as the base,
pastel chalk shading and acrylic brushwork to finish.

Matt red on the lips, highlighted with the same with just a touch of ivory added.

Eyes done in ivory with just a touch of blue, a slight touch with cold white to finish.
Iris was Gunze Sangyo air superiority blue with dark sea grey then a ring of the straight blue.

Pupils in matt black with cold white catchlight.

Wash edging of matt red and medium brown to the eyes and inner lip line.

Never been that good with painting blond hair but did my best so it will have to do.

German mid camo brown as a base,
then the same with a little golden yellow mixed and dry brushed on.
Repeat a few more times adding more golden yellow each time.

Lips in a satin and gloss varnish mix,
eyes in gloss varnish and finally hair in a single coat of satin varnish.

Hair band in matt red.

Yep, slowly getting the hang of this face paint lark.

And that's enough for the first out of this lass.

More later so you merry mob look after yaselves and go easy out there now.

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