3D Printed Samus Aran Zero Suit
From The Metroid Video Game Series
1/4ish Scale

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It's that time...

Time For Some Paintwork!

And let's be about it!
Base assembled and cleaned up, tried a few different ways of painting it but settled
on Humbrol Polished steel with a fair dollop of dark wash in the vent/grille thingies.

After the polished steel coat got a goodly buffing up,
Vallejo silver drybrushed all over.

I think that should about do it.

Looks about right from most angles so good enough for me!

So to the main bodywork painting thing.
Started with two airbrushed coats of Vallejo sky blue.

That colour works for me...onward!

Some thinned Vallejo Andrea blue loaded up and a bit of
airbrush dark shading here and there on the main body.
The arms got the same treatment but trying to keep it subtle across the whole deal.

And a final touch of slightly lighter tone to the base sky blue airbrushed in mostly the right places.

Which from left to right shading steps wise, looks like this.

Final coating was a pearlescent silver lacquer which just gives it a nice overall sheen.

And so away to the final page for the run to the finish line!

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