3D Printed Samus Aran Zero Suit
From The Metroid Video Game Series
1/4ish Scale

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The last bit...

So Let Us Be Finishing Up Da Bits!

Arms finished.
Weaved texture outlined in Vallejo glossy black, filled in with royal blue and drybrushed with andrea blue.

Gun in matt black with german grey drybrushed.
Grey areas done in light grey and drybrushed lightly in silver.
Back of the hand markings in special mixed paint to make purplish as I didn't have any.

Yellow areas painted in cold white, outlined in Tamiya clear yellow then coated with the same.

Bodywork paint continues with the weaved texture areas done with the same paint combo as the parts on the arms.
Keeping those areas matt finish as I like the differing look between that and the shiny suit bits.

And not forgetting the purple/pinky areas as it were.


Then came the possibly none to comfy looking shoes but who am I to judge.
Yellow areas done as per the arms.
Very dark matt blue base with Gunze Sangyo steel accents.

Let's get this girl together!

Arms attached.

Head in place.

On her base and done!

Printing time aside, this lass only took a few days of here and there working on her between
waiting for stuff to come off the printer and coats of paint on other things to dry.
Very happy with how she turned out so that puts a wrap on this!

Gallery proper at the piccie button below

Hope you enjoyed this little spin round the hellhole.
Take care of yaself out there people!

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