Moebius Battlestar Galactica Superdeformed Viper MkII

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Yep, it's silly.

That Will Do Just Nicely!

Heyho one and all!

The subject matter is a little different from the usual but why not I say.

Got this one as a little slot in and a bit of light relief from the
serious hardware gigs that I usually deal with and it's a welcome change I can tell you.

Now this one is for the same fella who one is building the 44" Eagle for
and he reckoned it could be just a fun build.

Spot on with that thought so away we go.
The somewhat colourful box...

The bits within...

The paperwork bits.
The possibly required reading destruction sheet,
A set of peel off stickers,
An artwork sticker
and a sheet of waterslide decals.

Text and layout somewhat reminiscent of the old Revell "Deals Wheels" caricature kits of the way back when.

It's a snap together but the glue and filler got a look in where required.

The fuselage part assembled...
All 4" inches of it...

And in anticipation of a few ideas popping in to the brain head thing,
the solid canopy got made not so solid.

Now I did ask before this all started if lighting and weathering was wanted.
I was actually joking but the man said yes please and the more I thought about it,
the more it seemed like a great idea.

So back end fitted with three white and three blue 3mm LEDs.
The blue ones will be hooked up to a flicker circuit.

Along with that a bit of polygon punching and clear printing later got three
thrust cones for the engines.

So good enough for a start, a spray of clear blue and a quick look see.

Some adjustments to be done but it's a start.

Now I cleared out the canopy because at least a pilot head seemed a reasonably stupid thing to do.

So it was done.
A George Jetson mesh from Thingiverse got and head printed.

Nose shortened just a bit and Aves helmet added.

Totally goofy and ridiculous...


And of course, a lick or three of paint.


And that's the lot for the opener on this giggle thing!

More later so you goodly gang go easy out there now.

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