Moebius Battlestar Galactica Superdeformed Viper MkII

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Still silly...

Still Like It!

Right then gang,
all the main bits brought together and stand attached.

I put some sheet styrene to fill in the cockpit such as it is so all good.
A quick lighting check just in case.

A swift look see test fit together with pilot and canopy.


So to the box stand part of the deal.
Wanted something to take a battery box, switch and flicker circuit,
so away to the polygon/print palaver we go!

Printed, secured, supplied stand faired in, wired up and tested.
All was well there.

So to the paintwork thing.

After dealing with some small seam gaps,
Tamiya primer grey then white.

Areas done in Gunze Sangyo steel with a touch of silver dry brush.

The waterslide decals were bloody thick so getting then to conform was
a real laugh riot in some areas.
Microsol and a few slashes with a scalpel in places saved the day there.

Also, Vallejo flat red is a near perfect colour match so that really helped with the splits and fragging of the decals!

Dark dirt wash applied and cleaned up.

DIY laser printed waterslides where appropriate.

Weathering of course.

All that matted down and so to the base stand.
Matt black rattlecanned on,
decal done and applied,
Two rattlecan coats of satin varnish and done.

Canopy painted, pilot installed and thrust cones likewise.

And that's that done and dusted!

Very happy with how this came out and it makes me smile.
A nice little diversion I have to admit and
actually enjoyed this build which is also nice.

Gallery proper at the button below.

That's all outta me on this deal,
You goodly folks go easy and look after yaselves out there now.

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