3D Printed Female Superhero WIP Log
1/4 Scale

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I do like super females...

So Here's A Female Superhero!

Greetings one and whoever else is reading this.

Ok then, kicking of this round of fun with a bit of 3D printed prettiness
This lass...

Now she's not a named superhero and I don't recognise the costume or the like
but I don't care that much to be honest.

Like the above rendered pictures, this was got as a mesh from CGTrader
and for a grand total of five US George Washington portraits or just shy of four UK beer tokens
a pile of CG parts were downloaded.

Now scale is pretty irrelevant in the virtual term but just so there's a number to pin on her
I did some slight number crunching and scaled to 1/4 because why not.

Also that's the scale I could get her to while still being able to fit the largest part,
in this case the main body, to the build volume of the printer.

So the form 3 got set up and away we go...

Fast forward a day and the first part off the build platform.

So far so good with nice detail and just the support material marks to deal with.

No big deal on the marks, the grey resin sands very nicely.

Moving on, time rolling along, more parts got and cleaned up.

Cutting away all the support material from her hairdo was a fun experience
in it's own right but got there and didn't loose anything...
Go me!

The base stand was reworked a bit by me to get it all on the build platform in one but came out nice.
This was printed in tough resin.

Body all finally cleaned up and replaced the zipper tag i'd managed to break off.

I was still waiting on the boots at this point but had a test fit together as one does.

And me liketh what me see!

I've decided to go without the cape so just the short collar thingy and that will do.
So much primer was blasted about the gaff.
Tamiya fine grey primer, rattle can applied.

Just had to have a dry fit dabble with the bits I had...
Well I didn't have to, I just wanted to.

Boots off the printer, cleaned, primed and just a few surface defects to take care of.

And it goes without saying, the dry fit dress rehearsal...
Oh yes!

Stand included, she's 17 & 1/2" inches tall.
That's 44.5 cm's for the metric mob.

Next up...
The paintwork!

That'll be on the next page update and i'll see thee then.
Go easy out there now all of ya.

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