3D Printed Female Superhero WIP Log
1/4 Scale

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It's that time...

Paint Plastering On Time!

Welcome back gang!

So time to get some colours on this girl.
Starting off with the rattle can of Tamiya flesh for the base and airbrushing in Vallejo basic flesh for toning.

Then in with the ground pastel chalks for shading and definition.

Same basis for the hands.

And the face.

So the suit first.

Vallejo cold white airbrushed on, creases shade with mid blue ground pastel chalk.
Areas picked out in Vallejo Flat Red with just a touch of black for lining,
then over in raw Flat Red and done.

Other parts in Vallejo Royal Blue straight then then dry brushed in the same with some cold white added.
Second light dry brush of same with a bit more white thrown in to bring out the folds.
0.5mm pencil lining to give sharp delineation between the colours.
The whole thing given an airbrushed matt coat to seal.

Zippers picked out in Vallejo Old Gold for a base/shade then Rich Gold to finish.
Red parts of the costume coated in gloss varnish, blue areas in satin just to break it up a bit.

Almost there with the main body paint.

Now to try something I never have before.

The bands around the top and shoulder areas I wanted to do silver but wanted something a bit different to paint.
Enter real silver leaf!

As per the procedure, an acrylic size, or glue if you will applied and let dry.
Leaf applied and smoothed down by soft brush.
The excess just disintegrates leaving a clean edge.

That said it was like a gold and silver snowstorm at times and the floor of the workshop looked fabulous!

A coat of the recommended sealer and it's a done thing.
Ditto for the gold.

Well I love the gold but the silver,
probably could have gone with paint and got just as good.
So call this a 1-0 score and moving on.

Last bit for this bit, The face paint!

OK, long story short...
Good looking, green eyed brunettes are my personal Kryptonite so that was that.

All Vallejo paints and some ground pastel chalks made up the make up,
eye's and lips given a coat of gloss after the matt coat had cured proper
Hair was a matt black base, dry brushed with burnt umber then another coat
of the same with a drop or two of ivory then a final with some more ivory added and lightly dry brushed.

Collar piece was just matt red with a dry brush of the same red with a drop of white.

So lastly, with a bit of brass rod and a dab of the epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk, the head was attached.

Last bits for the next and final update so i'll see ya all there as soon as it's posted.

Go easy out there now and look after yaselves.

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